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Project update, dated February 6, 2019 12:55 p.m. Eastern Daylight time.

Hello Bob-Lo fans!
There have been a lot of requests for an update, so here we go.....
Right now it is all about protecting the ship through the winter season. After 2 years of waiting, we were finally able to dredge the river where we are. This allowed us to move the boat much closer to the shore (approximately 28 ft from shore). We also moved her forward about 80 ft allowing boaters easier access to the marina entrance. With the ship secure to shore, we placed 3 large piling clusters at the bow of the ship to block ice and protect her hull.
The ship being closer to the shore will be a huge help to the crews this spring when we plan to aggressively start the restoration process again.
As many of you may have seen, the ship has a fresh coat of paint! We want you to know that this is a white primer designed to preserve any remaining good steel. It also makes the ship’s presentation much better for the public in the meantime. She will, however, receive a final paint job later in the process.
We look forward to seeing everyone out on the river this spring / summer! Thank you all for your ongoing support! We love and appreciate all our followers....


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