On this page we have posted links to Bob-Lo related web sites that may be of interest to you.


The Columbia Project on Facebook   Facebook coverage of the restoration of the former Bob-Lo Steamer S.S. Columbia

The S.S. Columbia Project on the web  The Steamer Columbia Project, a New York based group whose objective is to return the former Bob-Lo steamer Columbia to service on the Hudson River.

A Tribute to the Bob-Lo Steamers  A tribute to the Bob-Lo Steamers, Bob-Lo Island, Frank E. Kirby and the rich history that is Bob-Lo.

Retro Detroiter on Facebook   Facebook page featuring all things Detroit past

The Detroit Windsor Ferry Company on Facebook  The Detroit Windsor Ferry Company consolidated in 1877 as the Detroit and Windsor Ferry Company. One of the vessels of the fleet was the Steamer Promise, the very first steamer to carry picnickers to Bob-Lo Island

Bob-Lo Crew Reuinon site on the web, Celebrating the summer memory of Bob-Lo.

Bob-Lo Crew Reunion on Facebook - Bringing together the men and women that worked on the island and served aboard the steamers and or worked in Detroit, Amherstberg Wyandotte and Gibralter. 

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