Ron Kattoo not only owns the Ste. Claire, he works more than 80 hours a week saving people’s lives. Born and raised in Detroit, Ron, a Michigan State graduate, went on to earn his Doctoral Degree from Wayne State University Medical School in 1993 and immediately began working in Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital. He worked his way up to Attending Physician and in 1999 transferred to the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care. After 23 years of service Ron is now currently working at Henry Ford in Wyandotte. Though he was hit with Stage 4 bladder cancer as well as a brain tumor, Ron never gave up on his dream to renovate the Ste. Claire into a dockside attraction. He has been married for 11 years to his beautiful wife Danielle and they share two wonderful children.

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Saqib Nakadar, a Detroit native is also a physician.  He attended Wayne State University during his undergraduate years.  He then went on to Michigan State University for medical school, graduating in 2004.  He trained in Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital where he continued to practice for 7 years before going into private practice.  Saqib was young during the last days of Bob-Lo Island, but has vivid memories of the incredible experiences riding the Bob-Lo Boats and all of the amusement rides on the Bob-Lo Island.  His wife Rabia, originally from New York City, has also embraced the beauty and symbolism that comes with Ste. Claire.  Along with their 3 children they are motivated and continue to support the complete restoration.

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